22 November 2004

Summer Series Information: Note 1

With two Series meets behind us it is time to provide an update to help swimmers, parents, coaches and club Race Secretaries with Series entries.

Firstly, general Series information can be found on the web site under Special Competition Information. If you have not read this general information it would be helpful if you took a moment to look at it. If you have any queries or concerns please raise them within your club and, if you need further assistance or clarification, contact either Rod Hore (our Competitions Director) or Lorraine Wuth (our Registrar and Series Manager).

There appears to be some confusion about who can swim in the Series.

  1. All swimmers aged 10 years (on the date of the meet) or younger can swim in the Series. If they are faster than the Development break time they will be classified as Intermediate level for that event i.e. stroke and distance. Of course, they still need to observe other meet rules such as the maximum number of swims for core events.
  2. All other swimmers may compete in a Series core event provided they have not beaten the Series break time (which is the qualifying time for the ACT Championships for the event) prior to competing in that event at a Series meet. Note: Both long course and short course (converted) times swum since 1 October 2003 are taken into account to determine if the swimmer is eligible to compete in any given event. Once the swimmer has competed in an event in the Series they may coninue to swim that event even if they have now qualified for the ACT Championships in that event however they will not gain Series points for that event once they have swum an ACT Championship qualifying time in that event at a Series meet.
  3. If a swimmer changes age groups during the course of the Series their status will be reviewed according to the breaktimes applying to the new age group.
So, if you are 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 you can swim in core events in the Series even if you are eligible to swim at the ACT Championships in that event.

Meet Entry Times

Your entry times should be your best time swum since 1 October 2003.

Series Points

Series points are awarded against times established at Series meets. This is quite independant of the entry time submitted for the meet (which is used for seeding purposes). Points will be calculated following the meet using the swimmers correct Series time.

Tracking Progress

Each swimmer who competed at Meet 2 on November 14 received a Series booklet. This booklet contains information about the Series. It has spots for swimmers to track their Series swims including the level they have reached (Intermediate or ACT Champs) and the points they gained for each swim. Booklets will be distributed to other swimmers who participate in the Series. These will be available at the next meet for swimmers who did not swim at the Tuggeranong meet. Swimmers are encouraged to track their progress and their standing in the Series.

Other Series Information

The Series pointscore following meet 2 has been posted to the web site.
Note: Swimmers have not been separated into development or intermediate level. This will occur at the end of the Series.

Individual swimmer status and the points earned by event are now available on the web site, too. Please note that these listings show the following information for each swimmer who competed at a Series meet in at least one core events:

and for each completed swim The listing is alphabetical and can be found at
Series Meet 1: Ginninderra and Series Meet 2: Tuggeranong.

Am I Intermediate or Development?

This is a good question and depends on each swimmers status at the end of the Series. Any swimmer who is deemed to have five (5) or more events classified as better than the Development Break Time (for the 9 core events in the Series) will be an Intermediate swimmer as far as the Series goes. Other swimmers will be Development. Don't worry if you change age groups or between Development and Intermediate during the Series because all the points gained throughout the Series will stay with you. At the end of the Series your age on the day of the last meet and your status (Intermediate or Development) will determine which group you fall into and your final ranking will be worked out using all the points you gained during the Series.

It has been great to see so many swimmers competing at the first two Series meets and achieving such good results. Keep it up!

The next Series meet will be held on December 5 at Goulburn.