18 January 2005

ACT Champions for 2005

ACT Age Champions will be calculated by points earned in the competitor's seven (7) best pointscoring events [except for 9 and unders which are detailed below].

Points will be awarded to the first eight finishing ACT Swimming registered competitors for each age group in all events [except open 50m back, breast and fly].

Points will only be awarded if the qualifying time (where applicable) is achieved.

Points: 1st - 35, 2nd - 30, 3rd - 26, 4th - 23, 5th - 20, 6th - 17, 7th - 14 and 8th - 11.

Age as at March 4, 2005

ACT Age Champions (male and female) will be determined as follows:

ACT Open Champions

The overall male and female ACT Open Champion will be determined using the IPS pointscore with the ACT Swimming registered swimmer(s) with the highest scoring event at the ACT Championships being declared the Open Champions.

For each event (stroke and distance) in the championships, the fastest placed ACT Swimming registered swimmer will be recognised as the ACT Open Champion for that event.

The presentation of awards to the champions will take place at the ACT Swimming Dinner to be held in April. Keep an eye out for details about the dinner.